Winter Worksheets. First Grade Math and Literacy Printables 

Winter math and literacy activities and worksheets for elementary – Grade 1. Teaching first grade classroom with awesome printables. The pack contains tons of reading, writing, phonics, fluency, grammar, counting, addition & subtraction, time and money practice. Perfect companion for winter centers, homework, morning work and homeschool.


Long vowel sort

Winter comprehension- Polar bears

Winter comprehension- Snow day

Making inference x 2

I can make winter sentences x 2

Fix it up sentences x 2

Winter sentence scramble

Pronouns 1

Pronouns 2


Noun or verb

Making plurals

Adding –s or –es

Past tense –d or –ed

Present and past tense

Hot chocolate contractions

Types of noun

Proper or common noun

Five senses word list

Fives senses of mitten

Fives senses of hot chocolate

Five senses of winter

Winter compound words

Fact or opinion

Winter punctuation

S blend roll, read and trace

R blend roll, read and trace

L blend roll, read and trace

Winter blends

I can read sentences with beginning blends

Sound it out-beginning digraph

Write and draw- beginning digraph

Find and write- ending digraph

Sound it out- ending digraph

I can read sentences with ending digraphs

Winter words 1

Winter words 2

Winter sentences

Sight words roll, write and trace x2

Writing- how to make hot chocolate


Number bonds with dice

Mitten bonds

Winter fact families

Missing marshmallows

Add and color

Winter addition x2

Amazing addition

Hot chocolate add and color

Addition match

Double digit addition

Missing addends

Add or subtract

Winter subtraction x3

Subtraction number line

Compare the numbers 1

Compare the numbers 2

Ways to show your numbers

Tens and Ones

Place value scarves

Penguin number order

Counting forwards

What is next?

Ten more, ten less/One more, one less

Odd or even

Number words match 1

Number words match 2

I can read calendar

How do you like your chocolate?

Time to the half hour

Winter addition problems x2

Winter subtraction problems

Color by coin

It’s snack time

How much is it?

You can download my free winter worksheets by going to my TPT store. You students will love our cute and engaging sample worksheets. 

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First Grade Winter Blends
First grade winter math and literacy worksheets addition
First grade addition
First grade winter and literacy worksheets digraph
First Grade Digraph
First grade winter and literacy worksheets inference
First Grade Making Inference