Summer First Grade Review Math and Literacy activities and worksheets

Literacy Activities
Summer comprehension
Short and long vowel sort
Long vowel sort
Sound it out CVCe x2
Circle and color. Long vowel
Fix it up sentence x 2
Summer punctuation
My pack list
Making inference x 2
I can make summer sentences x 2
Summer preposition spin & draw
Noun or verb
Fishing parts of speech
Talk about summer
Talk about sea creatures
Roll a silly sentence I
Roll a silly sentence II
Subject vs object pronouns
Pronouns in buckets
Pronouns in summer
Singular vs plural
Verb tenses in summer
Past tense in the pitcher
Seashells contractions
Summer compound words
Find and write. Beginning digraph
Writing ending digraph
Roll, write and read. Beginning and ending digraph
R-blend word search
R-blend sentences
S-blend word search
S-blend sentences
L-blend word search
L-lend sentences
Beach words ABC order
Ocean words ABC order
Camping words ABC order
Types of noun
Common vs proper noun
Sight words. Roll, read and color
Sight words. Spin, read and color
Sight word search & sentence x5
Shark research
Whale research
Compare & contrast. Shark vs Whale
Opinion writing. I would rather
How to make lemonade writing

Math Activities
Roll, add and color I
Roll, add and color II
Time to swim- Time to the hour I
Time to swim-Time to the hour II
Camping time-Time to the half hour I
Camping time-Time to the half hour II
Camping telling time
I can read calendar
Water melon fact families
Bear paw fact families
Ten more ten less, one more one less
Tens and ones
Lemonade addition
Missing addends
Counting forwards
What is next
Campfire subtraction
Addition tree
Ice-cream math
Double digit addition
Mermaid math
Double digit subtraction
Add or subtract
Subtraction under the sea
Number words match x2
Match the addition equation
Ways to show your numbers
Roll & solve
Camping number order
Base tens
What does not belong?
Ways to show your numbers
Halves, thirds or fourths
Color the fraction
Summer fraction
Tally chart. Ice-cream selling
Picture graph. Favorite popsicle flavor
Months of the year
Comparing the length
Count by 2s
Count by 5s
What month is it?
Camping measurement
Summer addition problems
Summer subtraction problems
Summer word problems
Coin sorting
Counting coins penny & nickel
Counting coins penny, dime & nickel
Comparing coins
Summer shopping