Spring First Grade Math and Literacy activities and worksheets

Teaching first grade classroom with awesome printables. The pack contains tons of reading, writing, phonics, fluency, grammar, counting, addition & subtraction, time and money practice. Perfect companion for winter centers, homework, morning work and homeschool.

Literacy activities:
Spring comprehension
Making inference x 2
I can make spring sentences x 2
Spring sentence scramble
Buggy preposition
Hatching adjective
Spring words search and sort -noun, verb, adjective
Spring sentence spin and write
Pronouns in bubbles
Pronouns in spring
Singular or plural
Future tense
Verb tenses in spring
Past tense in the jar
Spring weather cause & effect
Blooming contractions
Spring compound words
Write s blend
Write r blend
Write l blend
I can read sentences with beginning blends
Ending digraphs
Sound it out-ending digraphs
I can read sentences with ending digraphs
Spring words I- spin, trace and write
Spring words II – spin, trace and write
Spring sentences
Sight words, roll, trace and write x 2
Sight words comprehension
Making inference with sight words x 2
Spider research
Butterfly research
Spider & butterfly compare & contrast writing
Butterfly life cycle cut & paste
Butterfly life cycle writing
Math activities:
Fact families in the garden
Flower addition
Garden addition
Cloudy subtraction
Rainy subtraction
Flower match
Double digit addition
Amazing addition
Add or subtract
Adding 3 numbers
Match the addition equation
Bubble true or false
What is missing?
Compare the numbers
Odd or even
Place value
Base tens
Ways to show your numbers
Tens and ones
Color the fraction
Spring fraction
Ten more ten less, one more one less
Buggy garden
What is your favourite spring activity?
Sunny time x 2
Compare the length
What is the purpose?
Hours, minutes or seconds
Feet or inches
Count by 2s
Count by 5s
Spring addition problems
Spring subtraction problems
Counting coins
Comparing coins
Can you buy it?
spring first grade worksheet
Spider Research
spring first grade worksheet
Spring Comprehension
spring first grade worksheet
Amazing addition
spring first grade worksheet
Ending Digraphs