Spring Kindergarten Math and Literacy activities and worksheets

Let’s celebrate Spring with this wonderful resources. It resources requires no prep. It includes tons of math and literacy ideas and activities. You students will enjoy the fun and engaging worksheets with the Spring theme.

Literacy activities:

1.Garden Alphabet
2.Sight Word Rainbow
3.Spring Beginning Sounds
2.Sight Word Rainbow
3.Spring Beginning Sounds

4.Spring Ending Sounds
5.Medial Vowel in the jar
6.Rainy Medial Vowel
7.Color by Sight words
8.Sigh Word Story
9.Sight Word Scramble
10.Spring Syllables
11.Sight Word Sentence Scramble
12.Graph by Word Families (op, og, ot)
13.I can read and write (op, og, ot)
14.Graph by Word Families (ub, un, ud)
15.I can read and write (ub, un, ud)
16.Read and Nonsense (ap, ad)
17.I can build and write (ap,ad)
18.Read and Nonsense (ag,ar)
19.I can build and write (ag, ar)
20.Read and Nonsense (am,at)
21.I can build and write (am, at)
22.Spin the Words (en, ed, et)
23.I can build new words (end, ed, et)
24.Spin the words (ig, ip, in)
25.I can build new words (ig, ip, in)
26.I can read cvc words and sentences
27.Circle and color CVCe long a
28.Sound it out CVCe long i
29.Color and match CVCe long o
30.I can make CVCe words long u
31.‘Missing’ long vowel
32.Spring Digraph
33.Digraph bubbles
34.Spring words-Rainy day
35.Spring words-feeding goose
36.Spring words-hungry birds
37.Spring writing- I like spring because…….


Math activities:

1.Skip Counting by 2
2.Skip Counting by 5
3.Skip Counting by 10
4.Wiggly Number
5.Caterpillar Number Order
6.Domino Match
7.Before and After
8.Compare the Numbers
9.Base Ten in Spring
10.Tally Count
11.Flower Bonds
12.Ten Frame Balloons
13.Ten Frame Raindrops
14.Addition Sum to 7
15.Addition Sum to 8
16.Addition Sum to 9
17.Addition Sum to 10
18.Addition Bugs
19.Spring Addition
20.Spring Subtraction
21.Rainy Addition True or False
22.Wheelbarrow Subtraction
23.Number Words
24.Teen Number Words
25.Garden Measurement
26.Coin Sorting
27.Spring Shopping
28.Spring Subtraction Problem
29.Spring Addition Problem
30.2D or 3D Shape
31.Shape Soring


Let’s have a peek at the activities below.

Spring Kindergarten Matn & Literacy No Prep
Spring Phonics Sound it out
Spring phonics digraph
Spring phonics digraph
Spring math skip counting
Spring math skip counting
Spring sentence
Spring sentence