Phonics CVC worksheets for kindergarten level. This phonics packet contains 31 simple stories for early learners. The engaging worksheets will help beginning readers to practice reading with CVCs and sight words. It is perfect a companion for literacy centers and homeschooling.

The pack includes the below stories:

CVC short a

•My cat

•Where is the map?

•Ham and Jam

•In the lab

•Pam is mad

•My tag and my rag

•We like to……

•A man and a lad

CVC short e

•Ted begs

•My red bed

•Funny men


CVC short i

•Sid’s pin

•Tim’s little kit

•Dig a pit

•Chips and dip

•Pip’s bib


CVC short o

•Ron jogs

•Don the frog

•Pop in a cot

•Cod on the rod

•Bob the cop

CVC short u

•Gus in the tub

•The cub and the pup

•The nun’s bug

•I found a jug

•Bud on the bus

•Do the sum


•My new bag

•In the sun

Story sequence main images
CVC Short A Story
Phonics CVC worksheets
CVC Short E Story
Phonics CVC worksheets
CVC Short I Story
Phonics CVC worksheets
CVC Short O Story

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