Kindergarten Math Addition Bundle

This pack of kindergarten addition worksheets teaches kindergarten addition with engaging and wonderful activities. Kindergarten students love our math worksheet which incorporate a lot of cute images and objects that the kids are familiar with.

After the students build basic number sense, they graduate to basic addition. Addition is the basic math skill which must be mastered perfectly before the students move to multiplication, division, fraction etc.

Our bundle contains 9 units with a wide variety of single digit addition activity to help your students master math addition strategy and math skill. Our addition worksheets are filled with many enjoyable activities such as coloring, number line, cut & past activities. Your kids can polish math addition skills effectively with a lot of fun.

Help your young learners to develop math addition skill with the below packs:

  • Addition Facts Coloring.
  • Addition Problem.
  • Roll and Spin Activities.
  • Color by Code.
  • Cut and Paste.
  • Number Line Activities.
  • Ten Frame Activities.
  • Making Ten.
  • Picture Addition.

Our kindergarten addition worksheets are perfect not only for kindergarten math centers, but also for homeschool, homework etc. With our interactive math practice, kindergarteners can learn simple addition in a breeze.

kindergarten math addition cut and paste
Cut and Paste
color by code
Color by Code Addition. Fun way to practice addition. Solve the math problems and color the picture using the code
making ten
Making Ten
math fact coloring
Math Fact Coloring
number line addition
Number Line
kindergarten math worksheets picture addition
Picture Addition
ten frame addition
spin and roll
Kindergarten math addition
Ten Frame Addition
addition word problem
Addition Word Problems

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