Free Phonics Activities and Worksheets. CVC fluency bundle

Looking for a fun and engaging product to teach beginning phonics? This free 50 pages bundle of phonics activities and worksheets is exactly what you need. This CVC fluency pack enables kids to blend, decode and read in a lot of fun ways. It is a perfect companion to phonics, literacy centers and homework activities.

This pack includes sample worksheets of 8 products:                                                                                                                         

  1. Kindergarten phonics worksheets. CVC comprehension for early readers. 
  2. Phonics CVC Short Vowels. Sentence Building. 
  3. Phonics CVC Short Vowels. Read, Write and Color.     
  4. Phonics CVC Sound it Out. 
  5. Phonics CVC Short Vowels. Search and Write.   
  6. Phonics CVC I can read simple sentence short vowel.           
  7. Phonics CVC Short Vowels. Roll and Read Sentences.               
  8. Phonics CVC. Roll, Read and Color.

Let’s have a peek at the activities below.

CVC Comprehension
CVC Search and Write
CVC Sentence Building
CVC I can read simple sentence
CVC Read Write Color
Roll and Read CVC Sentence
CVC Sout it Out
CVC Roll Read and Color