Fall kindergarten math and literacy activities and worksheets
Pumpkin life cycle

 Kindergarten Fall Math and Literacy Activities and Worksheets. 

This pack of kindergarten fall  math and literacy worksheets contains tons of awesome activities and worksheets for kindergarten. Teaching kindergarten math and literacy with fun encompassing sight words, alphabets, phonics, numbers, counting, addition and shape.

This packet includes:

Acorn alphabets x2
Upper case and lower case match x3
Missing alphabets x2
Spin and color a beginning sound
Fall beginning sounds
Fall ending sounds
Fall middle sounds
Spin a middle sound
CVC beginnings and endings
Rhyming apples
Spin a CVC word (-an word)
I know CVC word (-am word)
Frankenstein word families (-an/-am)
Spin a CVC word (-et word)
I know CVC word (-en word)
Frankenstein word families (-et/-en)
Spin a CVC word (-op word)
I know CVC word (-ug word)
Frankenstein word families (-op/-ug)
Sound it out CVC review x2
How many syllables?
Fall words x2
Fall sentences
Sight word wagons x4
Fall sentence scramble x3
Pumpkin life cycle
Pumpkin investigation
Apple investigation
Compare and contrast –apples and pumpkins
Fall writing- I like fall because

Pumpkin numbers 1-20
Missing apples 1-20
Skip counting by 2
Missing numbers
Trees of tally
How many? X4
Fall ten frames
Ten frame cauldron
Fall size
Making five
Making ten
Ten frame acorns
Fall addition. Candy addition facts
Fall addition. Addition sum to 5
Fall addition. Addition sum to 6
Fall addition. Addition within 5
Fall addition. Apple addition within 10
Spin and subtract from 3
Spin and subtract from 4
Spin and subtract from 5
Fall subtraction within 5 x2
Base ten in fall
Number words match
Counting by five
Before and After
Apple bonds x2
Add and color
Subtract and color
I know color words x2
Colorful leaves
Colorful fall
Fall pattern 1
Fall pattern 2
Fall measurement
Fall items color, graph and tally
Compare the numbers
Compare the fall items
More or less
Odd or even
Fall shapes. I know my shapes
Fall shapes. Spin and color the shapes

Let’s have a peek at the activities below.

fall kindergarten worksheet
Pumpkin investigation
fall kindergarten worksheets
How many syllables
fall kindergarten worksheets
Compare and Contrast
fall kindergarten worksheets
Fall writing